PRAVAYAMA प्रवायमा  : The power of the flowing breath

 Sarina Zoe – Editor

I created PRAVAYAMA for you, because you are passionate about creating a beautiful, conscious modern lifestyle.

PRAVAYAMA features rich content that speaks to your soul, and champions the heart-centred brands and businesses doing awe-inspiring stuff.

The Yogi Files brings you the raw, zero-fluff stories of consciousness-loving humans. Here, they share their big life lessons, their struggles and breakthroughs, and how they found purpose by sharing their unique gifts with the world.


I was inspired to create PRAVAYAMA after countless hours on my yoga mat. The consciousness I cultivated there began to permeate through the rest of my life. As I became more connected to myself, I felt more connected to everything around me and I began to recognise the power of all the choices I make.

After several years of dedicated yoga and meditation practice, I became a qualified 200hr yoga teacher with Power Living Australia. I have a background in communications and journalism and I work as a makeup artist in fashion and advertising. All of this has influenced my ultimate passion: to create a website for likeminded people. This is PRAVAYAMA – The Conscious Modern Lifestyle.


 PRAVAYAMA owes its creation to the post-yoga high that connects us to source and inspires us to live a beautifully rich, conscious life in a consumer world.

“You might be able to get your leg behind your head, but you might still be a dick.” 

Jase Te Patu – Kiwi Warrior Yoga Teacher at Power Living
(Best yoga quote I ever heard)
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