PRAVAYAMA प्रवायमा  : The power of the flowing breath

 Sarina Zoe – Editor

I created PRAVAYAMA for modern yogis across the world whose yoga practice has become more than mastering an impressive pose. It has informed their life: the people they attract; the food they eat; the things they buy.

The consciousness we cultivate on the mat begins to permeate through the rest of our lives. As we become more connected to ourselves we feel connected to everything around us. Yoga is a journey of becoming the best version of ourselves, it is a gift.

After several years as a dedicated yogi, I became a qualified 200hr yoga teacher with Power Living Australia. I have a background in communications and journalism and I work as a makeup artist in fashion and advertising. All of this has influenced my ultimate passion: to create a website for likeminded yogis. This is PRAVAYAMA – The Modern Yoga Lifestyle.


 PRAVAYAMA is inspired by the post-asana high, the yoga that connects us to our source and inspires us to live a conscious life in a consumer world.

PRAVAYAMA is dedicated to the conscious love of Yoga, Wellness, Beauty and Style.

The Yogi Files offers a glimpse into the world of inspiring, shining examples of modern yogis. Here, they share their loves and rituals and how yoga influences their everyday life. 

The PRAVAYAMA yogi believes it is a privilege to be able to nourish her body with wholesome food, drink clean water, travel the world and sweat in style.

“You might be able to get your leg behind your head, but you might still be a dick.” 

Jase Te Patu – Kiwi Warrior Yoga Teacher at Power Living
(Best yoga quote I ever heard)
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