Menstruation Magic 1-Day Immersion: 25th February, Sydney

Menstruation Magic 1-Day Immersion: 25th February 2018, Sydney. TICKETS

Imagine unlocking the magic power of menstruation so you can connect with your deepest desires, be more creative and feel more abundant during your bleed.

Tantra expert Nadine Lee of Tantric Alchemy is hosting a one-day Women’s Temple experience to awaken us to our innate power and potential to thrive during this sacred time.

Intrigued? See the schedule below and read how this immersion will transform your relationship with your body and enhance every aspect of your life.


2pm: Arrival + Opening Circle

2:15pm – 3:30pm: Arrive into your body with Shakti Yoga, a slow sensual embodied practice focusing on the hips, yoni, womb & heart + Feminine Kundalini Yogini Sadhana for balancing hormones & cultivating sexual energy.

3:30pm – 5pm: Menstruation Magic Discourse, covering:

+ Science of Menstruation

+ The 4 ‘phases’ of our Cycle & how to work with them

+ Wisdom of the Womb

+ The power of Menstrual Blood

+ The Moon & your Cycle; Rituals & Magic

+ Healthy alternatives to collect your flow – Menstrual Cup Demo.

5pm – 6pm: Tea Break

6:30pm – 7:30pm:

Womb Healing Guided Meditation / Shamanic Clearing Drum Journey. A powerful process to break free from ancestral ties, reconnect & reclaim your womb space, rid your womb of any unwanted energies

Womb Activation Massage & Emotional Alchemy: Learn how to express & transmute emotions into your creative fire

7:30 – 8:30pm: Menstruation Magic Ritual & Initiation

8:30pm – 9pm: Closing Circle

Unburden Yourself

Menstruation Magic is a sacred initiation into womanhood, which we may have never received as teenagers. A magical gathering of sisterhood, where we remember the power of our wombs and activate and embody our feminine magic.

In honouring our Menstrual Cycle we free ourselves of guilt, fear and shame held deep in our subconscious, conditioned minds. When we begin to break down societal and personal conditionings we begin to live from our truth, we awaken our primal energy and live from our heart’s deepest desires.

Embodying The New

After the closing circle you’ll be reconnected with your body’s divine expression of femininity. You’ll welcome your bleed each cycle and work with its flow, igniting your creative potential. You’ll understand why the cycle wants to align with the natural rhythms of earth. You’ll heal more deeply any unconscious anger or resentment towards the masculine. You’ll open up to receiving abundantly and become a magnet for your heart and womb’s deepest desires.