The Vegan-Friendly Mat-To-Meeting Handbag Edit

Ever since sweaty yoga converged with modern-day life, many a yogi has grappled with finding the perfect carryall. 

The transition from mat to meeting, or sticky mess to chic and sharp, requires a lot of, well, stuff. So it makes sense to throw all our lotions and potions and outfit changes into one do-it-all bag. And as conscious yogis, we want to practise ahimsa in the process, right?

Here, the PRAVAYAMA vegan-friendly mat-to-meeting handbag edit.

State of Escape

Neoprene Tote Bag

Practicality meets style with a soft and slouchy carryall for all the sweat session paraphernalia.

Stella McCartney 

Faux Brushed Leather Tote

Stella’s signature chain trim Falabella bag is the luxury eco-friendly option for the yogi who likes to splurge.

Matt & Nat

Vegan Leather Backpack

The animal-friendly-leather backpack that epitomises creative merging of functionality, style and consciousness.


Weatherproof Backpack

This backpack will carry the kitchen sink and protect your things in wettest of weather. No storm should get in the way of a 6am class.


Minimalist Tote

This classic shape tote comes with interior snap-on zippered pouch and is perfect for the post-asana, post-workday grocery shop.

Street Level

Slouchy Tote

A lightweight, slouchy tote that you might never need replace. Reverse it, wipe it clean, stuff it full, take it anywhere and everywhere. 

Image: State of Escape