Baxter Blue: Blue Light Blocking Glasses That Give Back

Baxter Blue blue light blocking glasses not only support your eye health, they can increase productivity (they absolutely have for me) and for each pair sold, the brand gift vision to a person in need.

Baxter Blue partner with RestoringVision, a not for profit organisation who since 2003 have gifted 7 million pairs of reading and sunglasses to those who would otherwise not have access to them.

Here’s Jasmin’s story of how she and her husband Aaron created a philanthropic business while helping solve a widespread wellbeing problem.

Computer Vision Syndrome

When I was crippled with headaches after hours on screens, I assumed it was probably time for prescription glasses.

But to my surprise my eye test results showed 20/20 vision. The optometrist suggested I purchase frames with just a blue light filter in the lenses, given my constant computer use. I was gobsmacked when he charged me $250!

I left the optometrist in a huff – and with an idea.

I soon found 70% of people who suffer from digital eye strain (also known as computer vision syndrome) do not require prescription glasses. Yet no one was catering for these needs.

Baxter Blue Brook Striped Amber

What Blue Light Does To Our Eyes & Sleep

As I read more about blue light and its effects, I discovered the reason sufferers’ eyes felt dry, sore, red tired is due to the high frequency flicker in the blue light that makes our screens so bright. To focus, your eyes have to flicker just as quickly.

If you’re reading this on a screen, you’re probably thinking about how your eyes feel right now.

Whilst the overall blue light spectrum is between 380-500nm, the blue violet light in the 400-440nm are the shortest, most dangerous, highest energy wavelengths that have been shown to damage the retina as well as causing digital eye strain.

The blue light in this range is also the cause of sleep issues. Looking at an iPhone, iPad or laptop at night stops your brain from releasing the melatonin you need to sleep – it suppresses the melatonin that is released to maintain our body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Our Blue+ lenses have been specifically developed to filter out the short harmful blue light.

Baxter Blue Clark Matte Havana

Giving Back From The Start

When launching Baxter Blue we felt a real need to give back to people in need and wanted to align ourselves with a business that was in the same industry but also one where we were assured that 100% of the money that was donated to make the glasses went into the glasses, not to the people that worked there.

After much research into companies that give back to those in need we found RestoringVision whose values aligned with ours after a couple of conversations with the team we were on board. What we liked was the fact that every dollar that we donate goes to help purchase a pair of reading glasses for someone in need.

The process is very simple – at the end of each quarter we tally up how many pairs of glasses are sold and then make our donation based on this number.

Papua New Guinea BB

Creating The Baxter Blue Experience

We embarked upon 14 months of research to arrive at the final product. From the outset, our objective was to create the best range of blue blocking glasses in the market from our branding through to our lenses right down to the way the glasses are packaged efficiently delivered to the customer.

The designs of the frames was very important, we wanted our range to be functional and desirable to wear.

Our target market was people that had never worn glasses before, so if they were going to spend money on a pair of glasses we had to ensure that we had a variety of fashionable frames that catered for a variety of tastes. So, we took our time looking at the many design trends in the industry before we settled on the current range.

“What we liked about [partnering with RestoringVision] was the fact that every dollar we donate goes to help purchase a pair of reading glasses for someone in need.”

Manufacturing Quality

One of the major surprises in the whole production process was the time it took to manufacture the glasses – the majority of the manufacturing process is handmade taking some 3-4 months.

Aaron my husband and co-founder had many years experience creating and sourcing product in China so ensuring we carried our due diligence was a priority in finding the right partner/supplier.

After his first trip to China to visit suppliers, we shortlisted four of them to create prototypes of the same designs so we could compare the quality of each.

From there we narrowed the decision down to two suppliers and another trip to China to negotiate costs as well as T&Cs for the frames. The partner we finally chose has considerable credentials within the industry.

Baxter Blue Lane Crystal

Merging Function & Style

Then we started the process of sourcing a manufacturer for our lenses. We could have worked with an off-the-shelf lens, however, we had specific requirements that in addition to the blue light filtering capabilities to create a clear lens that was aesthetically pleasing and didn’t change the colour perception of a digital screen.

After shortlisting two lens manufacturers we then went into beta testing mode where we tested many varieties of lenses in our prototype frames. After distributing the test frames to a variety of friends and colleagues in different industries we decided on our Blue+ lens.

Our Blue+ lenses have been specifically developed to filter out the short harmful blue light in the 400-440nm range with the clear lens being atheistically pleasing and not changing the colour perception of a digital screen.

What’s To Come Next

We are looking to release some more styles of frames in the near future and are also looking to collaborate with someone to produce their own pair of Baxter Blues!