Sydney Yoga Studios: The Spaces Worth Leaving Your Lover in Bed For

There’s something about Sydney that makes it a vibrant hub of modern yoga. Sleek studios in trendy suburbs, striking activewear on every mat and internationally renowned teachers just back from Bali retreats, all against an idyllic city-beach backdrop.

With an abundance of stylish yoga studios to experience, each with a unique vibe, there’s every reason to unroll your mat and enhance your practice in the multitude of inspiring spaces. 

And with multi-studio passes bursting onto the scene including ClassPass, now’s the time to soak up the city’s diverse yoga scene.

Here, the PRAVAYAMA guide to Sydney’s best yoga spaces.


The Be One vibe is the epitome of contemporary modern yoga, fusing asanas and meditation with a graphic minimalist interior. The Darlinghurst studio is also one of the few yoga spaces in Sydney with a mirrored wall, good for checking your alignment and for amplifying the perpetual challenge of drishti vs. distraction. The Be One space maintains regularity and symmetry by providing identical mats; the bonus is minimal disturbance as students enter the room before the start of class. Towels also provided.

Classes offered: Hot Hatha, Hot Flow, Yin


With a minimalist and chic aesthetic, Body Mind Life is driven by a wealth of experienced and approachable teachers. Infra-red heated vinyasa classes are clearly guided and teachers are generous with detailed modifications and variations to help you get the most from the posture. The lighting and ambience are perfectly conducive to both powerful and restorative classes. The Surry Hills and Redfern space is much bigger than the Bondi studio, but all the spaces are equally inviting. 

Classes offered: Pilates Reformer, Meditation sessions, Prenatal, Mum & Bub yoga. Anti-Gravity at Redfern

Urban Yoga

W1LL Surry Hills

You won’t get a more modern yoga experience than in this space. W1LL has revolutionised the asana environment with pumping sounds and cinematic visuals of wild, natural environments. Move through your flow while your drishti gets a feast of dolphins jumping through waves and rainforest treetops. But W1LL doesn’t stop at style, $1 from every yogi who enters is donated to the Human Kind Project.

Classes offered: Soul, Base & Flow + Meditation and Simple Stretch classes


Power Living studios are bustling with yogis of all levels and all shapes and sizes. There’s a magnetic energy that has all those who walk through its doors smiling, if not laughing on the mat before walking out a little taller. Heated and non-heated Vinyasa and Yin classes are designed to challenge the mind as much as the body. Yoga at Power is much more than a physical practice, it’s a chance to absorb spiritual words of wisdom to cultivate a calm, balanced life off the mat.

Also offered: Vinyasa levels 1,2 &3. 6-week Modern Yogi Program. Manly Acupuncture Clinic at Manly studio, Acupuncture Collective at Bondi Beach studio


An intimate space in which to flow in Vinyasa, strengthen in Forrest style, or deepen slowly into long Yin holds. Run by sisters Amy and Jay, the studio has a warm fuzzy feeling as soon as you step inside. Enjoy small group classes where teachers are hands-on with intuitive, confident adjustments to align the body and help you move deeper into each pose. My Asana is a nurturing space where beginners will feel just as comfortable as seasoned yogis. Sealing the practice with “namaste” is followed by the quiet, comforting sound of a gong.

Also offered: Beginners 8 week courses, Teenage girls 10 week courses, Kids 10 week courses


Each side of the wide entrance to InYoga is adorned with shoes as yogis have slipped into the sanctuary of understated style. The two studios, named Shakti and Shiva, feature centrepiece statuettes of their respective divinity. The ceiling hints at the space’s industrial origins, while a contemporary looking wall of large cardboard-like tubes offers individual mat storage, and blocks and bolsters are of highest quality. With all this, InYoga has achieved a warm space of harmony between substance and style.

Classes offered: Rejuvenate for deeper meditative practice, Align, Flow, Yin, Prenatal  

FreeFly Yoga test

Nestled alongside the Royal Botanic Gardens and rising above Woolloomooloo Bay, yogis can enjoy a sense of practising on water while guided through standing sequences. This is a space worth travelling to, especially given the advantage of the salt water pool and lush evergreen gardens right next door. Vinyasa is powerful and challenging for all levels, while Yin is particularly peaceful after dark when the view becomes glistening reflections on the water from the Bay’s surroundings.

Also offered: Yoga, Meditation & Pilates


Climb the exterior stairs of the building to enter a corridor that gives way to the majestic yet homely yoga space aptly named The Living Room. There are not many spaces in Sydney where you get to witness the hustle and bustle of a beach while dancing through one of the graceful Vinyasa sequences. Breathe in the ocean breeze while moving through your asana and if the Ujjayi breath drops off, the sound of the ocean waves will gently guide you back in. 

Also offered: Beginner classes, Pre & Post Natal yoga, Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa

SkyLab Yoga

SkyLab is one of the few yoga studios in Sydney to offer aerial silk yoga, offering .. Aerial yoga is a great way to release the spine, build upper body strength and feel cocooned in foetal-like savasana pose. Classes have limited spaces, so book in advance, but take a friend (or your lover) so you can share the weird and wonderful feeling of hanging upside down. The reception/vibe …

Classes offered: Restorative Aerial, AIRBarre, Airpilates, Stretch & Flex

Jivamukti Newtown

Tucked around the corner from the hustle of Newtown’s King St is a large new space dedicated to the Jivamukti style. Expect happy, friendly faces from students and teachers alike and intensive alignment assists where teachers use therapeutic oils on your skin to relax and deepen your pose. This style offers breath count throughout the asana to maintain focus and integrity of the pose. Music, chanting and chakra-energising sequences will leave you invigorated.

Also offered: Fundamentals for newcomers, Spiritual Warrior for condensed Jivamukti experience

egg slider 1 full width

What could be more nourishing than a plate of wholefood goodness immediately after your challenging yoga class? Egg has created a rustic indoor/outdoor eco-conscious space that combines a yoga studio and a café courtyard caressed by dappled light from surrounding trees. Bring your laptop as well as your mat, you need an excuse to stay and refuel with the Insta-famous culinary delights (even more delicious than they look).

Classes offered: Open Vinyasa, Yin, Prenatal, Mums & Bubs, Progressive for a stronger practice

Image: HOM Yoga